Selenium Namespace
These are the namespace comments.
Public classCode exampleActions
The user-facing API for emulating complex user gestures. Use this class rather than using the Keyboard or Mouse directly. Implements the builder pattern: Builds a CompositeAction containing all actions specified by the method calls.
Public classCode exampleAlert
Defines the interface through which the user can manipulate JavaScript alerts.
Public classApplication
Selenium base class to access objects
Public classCode exampleAssert
Testing functions. Throws an exception if the condition is not met
Public classCode exampleBy
Provides a mechanism by which to find elements within a document.
Public classCapabilities
Driver capabilities
Public classCode exampleChromeDriver
Web driver for Chrome
Public classCookie
Cookie object
Public classCookies
Cookie collection
Public classDictionary
Represents a collection of keys and values. Light dictionary using chaining disigned for small list of items. Complexity: O(n)
Public classDictionaryItem
DictionaryItem object
Public classCode exampleEdgeDriver
Web driver for Microsoft Edge driver
Public classCode exampleFirefoxDriver
Web driver for Firefox
Public classCode exampleIEDriver
Web driver for Internet Explorer
Public classCode exampleImage
Image object
Public classKeyboard
Keyboard object
Public classKeys
Representations of pressable keys that are not text keys for sending to the browser.
Public classList
Represents a collection of values.
Public classManage
Manage object
Public classMouse
Mouse interraction.
Public classCode exampleOperaDriver
Web driver for Opera
Public classPdfFile
PDF object
Public classCode examplePhantomJSDriver
Web driver for PhantomJS (Headless browser)
Public classPoint
Point structure
Public classCode exampleProxy
Proxy options
Public classSearchContext
Locators methods for WebDriver and WebElement
Public classCode exampleSelectElement
Web element of type Select
Public classSize
Size structure
Public classStorage
Storage object
Public classTable
Table object
Public classCode exampleTableElement
Web element Table
Public classTableRow
DataRow object
Public classCode exampleTimeouts
Timeouts object
Public classCode exampleTouchActions
TouchActions object
Public classTouchScreen
TouchScreen object
Public classUtils
Public classCode exampleVerify
Testing functions. Return the résult of the verification
Public classWaiter
Waiting functions
Public classCode exampleWebDriver
Object through which the user controls the browser.
Public classWebElement
Defines the interface through which the user controls elements on the page.
Public classWebElements
Collection of web elements
Public classCode exampleWindow
Window object
Public enumerationCacheState
Cache status
Public enumerationMouseButton
Mouse buttons
Public Sub Script()
  Dim driver As New FirefoxDriver
  driver.Get ""
End Sub
Class Script
    Dim driver

    Sub Class_Initialize
        Set driver = CreateObject("Selenium.FirefoxDriver")
        driver.Get ""
    End Sub

    Sub Class_Terminate
    End Sub
End Class

Set s = New Script