WebElementsValues Method (Object, Int32, Int32)
Returns a list containing the text parsed to a number for each element

Namespace: Selenium
Assembly: Selenium (in Selenium.dll) Version: (
VB Usage
Dim instance As WebElements
Dim defaultValue As Object
Dim offsetStart As Integer
Dim offsetEnd As Integer
Dim returnValue As List

returnValue = instance.Values(defaultValue, 
	offsetStart, offsetEnd)


defaultValue (Optional)
Type: SystemObject
Default value in case the text can't be parsed.
offsetStart (Optional)
Type: SystemInt32

[Missing <param name="offsetStart"/> documentation for "M:Selenium.WebElements.Values(System.Object,System.Int32,System.Int32)"]

offsetEnd (Optional)
Type: SystemInt32

[Missing <param name="offsetEnd"/> documentation for "M:Selenium.WebElements.Values(System.Object,System.Int32,System.Int32)"]

Return Value

Type: List

[Missing <returns> documentation for "M:Selenium.WebElements.Values(System.Object,System.Int32,System.Int32)"]

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